What Do Guys Wear to Prom 2021?

Looking for some prom outfit inspiration? Check out our roundup of the best looks for guys attending prom in 2021!

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The tuxedo

The tuxedo is the classic choice for guys attending prom. While the style of the tuxedo has changed over the years, the basic look remains the same. A tuxedo typically consists of a black jacket with satin lapels, matching trousers, a white shirt, a cummerbund or vest, and a black bow tie. Some guys may also choose to wear a white dinner jacket, which is perfect for hot weather or outdoor proms.

The suit

The suit is the most popular dress code for guys attending prom in 2021. While you might be tempted to wear a tuxedo, a suit is actually a better choice. You’ll be more comfortable in a suit, and you’ll be able to wear it again after prom. When choosing a suit, go for a classic style in a dark color. Black is always a good choice, but navy blue is also popular. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could go for a gray or even white suit. Just make sure that your shirt and tie are the same color as your suit so that everything coordinates.

The shirt and tie

The shirt and tie are a classic combination that can be dressed up or down, depending on the formality of the event. A white dress shirt is always a good choice, but other colors, like light blue or pink, can also be appropriate. If you’re not sure what color to wear, it’s always safe to go with white. As for the tie, choose a color and pattern that compliments your shirt and suit. A solid color tie is always a good choice, but a patterned one can add some personality to your outfit. Just be sure to avoid anything too loud or attention-grabbing.

The vest

The vest, or waistcoat, has been a wardrobe staple for men for centuries. In the past, it was primarily worn as part of a suit. Today, it is a popular fashion item that can be worn with a variety of different looks.

Vests come in a variety of styles, from formal to casual. They can be made from a variety of materials, including wool, cotton, and polyester. Vests can be single-breasted or double-breasted, and they can have buttons or zippers.

When choosing a vest for prom, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, think about the formality of the event. If it is a formal prom, you will want to choose a more formal vest. If it is a casual prom, you can choose a more casual vest. Second, think about the color of your suit. If you are wearing a light-colored suit, you will want to choose a vest that is either white or light-colored. If you are wearing a dark-colored suit, you will want to choose a vest that is either black or dark-colored. Third, think about the style of your suit. If you are wearing a traditional suit, you will want to choose a traditional vest. If you are wearing a more modern suit, you will want to choose a more modern vest.

There are many different ways to wear a vest for prom. You can wear it with a button-down shirt and tie for a classic look; or you can wear it without a shirt for a more modern look; or you can wear it over your shirt for an edgy look; or you can even wear it as part of your tuxedo for an ultra-formal look!

The cummerbund

The cummerbund is a sash worn around the waist, often seen as part of a tuxedo or formal suit. It originated in the military, where it was used to keep equipment from bouncing around and making noise. Today, it is mainly seen as a fashion accessory. It is generally considered appropriate promwear for guys, although it is not required.

The shoes

The shoes are a key part of any tuxedo or suit. They should be clean and polished, with no scuffs or scratches. The most common style of shoe to wear with a tuxedo or suit is the oxford, which is a lace-up shoe with a closed toe. Other acceptable styles include the loafers, which are slip-on shoes, and the Monk strap shoes, which have a strap across the top of the foot.

The accessories

Your shoes are important, too! Go for something that’s comfortable but still looks good. A pair of dress shoes or even loafers would work well. If you’re going for a more laid-back look, sneakers might be the way to go. Just make sure they’re clean and in good condition. You don’t want to scuff up your tux!

As for accessories, a watch is always a nice touch. A simple leather band or metal bracelet will do the trick. If you have a family heirloom or something special, this is the time to bust it out! A pocket square is another option, and can add a pop of color to your look. Just make sure it coordinates with the rest of your outfit.

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